"Nyhavn Live is an outstanding performance by a group of terrific musicians and a composer of significant talent and potential."
--Nick Mondello at AllAboutJazz                                read the whole review

"Simon's compositions and arrangements are extraordinary. Complex yet completely accessible, he paints dazzling portraits in sound, creating perfect launching points for his soloists. Light It Up, Simon's fourth album since 2008, continues a run of exceptional albums that present modern jazz at its best. The performers on this album are master craftsmen who bring Simon's compositions to life through skillful interaction and powerful solos."

-- Alexander Stern at allaboutjazz                             read the whole review


Light It Up  (2010)

Awakening   (2009)

"A skilled and original jazz composer, Randy Simon gathered together a top-notch quintet of upstate New York musicians for this live concert recording....The music is high-quality modern jazz with some singable melodies, a driving rhythm section, and consistently passionate solos. Nyhavn Live has several songs that could become jazz standards in the future." 

--Scott Yanow, jazz journalist

" This is another outstanding excursion for Simon’s compositions into that wonderful cultural harbor we adorn as hard bop. The musicians should be applauded as well for contributing appealing ornamentation to Simon's canopy of sounds."

-- Randy Treece at albanyjazz.com                            read the whole review         



Randy Simon Jazz Project

Awakening features

Adrian Cohen - piano
MIke DelPrete- bass
Danny Whelchel - drums
Kevin Barcomb - tenor and soprano sax

Pete Bellino - trumpet and flugelhorn

George Muscatello - guitar 


A lively set of ten tunes featuring a variety of ensembles. Lots of upbeat, driving tunes as well as classic swing tunes and latin numbers. Over 75 minutes of contemporary jazz! 

  • Cultural Exchange10:46
  • Gold Standard8:35
  • Questions6:37
  • Season to Taste9:48

Nyhavn Live features

Rob Lindquist - piano

John Menegon - bass

Danny Whelchel - drums

Kevin Barcomb - saxophones

Dylan Canterbury - trumpet/flugelhorn

A collection of Latin and straight-ahead tunes performed by a talented jazz quartet.

Suspended Motion features

Adrian Cohen - piano

Lee Russo - tenor sax

Mike DelPrete - bass

Danny Whelchel - drums

Light It Up features

Adrian Cohen - piano

John Menegon - bass

Danny Whelchel - drums

Kevin Barcomb - saxophones

Pete Bellino - trumpet/flugelhorn

​Paul Borrello - vibes

Nyhavn Live (2013)

Suspended Motion    (2008)

  • Counterflow7:37
  • Light It Up7:00

  • Cinco-Pation5:35
  • Yellowstone7:33

  • Suspended Motion8:15
  • Roadtrip8:36

Contemporary original jazz tunes performed by a variety of ensembles ranging from a piano trio to a sextet playing straight-ahead romps to bossa novas and evocative piano ballads. 

"Awakening ...  not only features outstanding performances by the cream of New York's Capital Region jazz scene, but also well-written, memorable tunes that make this album an exciting listening experience."

--Alexander Stern at allaboutjazz                          read the whole review